Mediation is a confidential and productive way to resolve disputes out of court, for the best possible outcome.

Ending an intimate relationship is an overwhelming experience. It is complicated — emotionally, financially, legally and procedurally. Many people do not know where to begin. Few want to hire lawyers for a battle, but no one wants to feel vulnerable and taken advantage of. Most people just want a fair settlement that gets them and their children what they need.

Today’s separating spouses have many options, including mediation, litigation, collaborative practice, arbitration, negotiating with legal professionals, or doing it themselves. It is important to have all the information to decide which process is right for you.  Mediation should be a fair, safe, balanced, informed and affordable way to resolve difficult problems.

We can assist in drafting agreements, parenting plans, separation agreements and even consent orders, provided you will obtain independent legal advice. Otherwise, we will provide you with a Memorandum of Understanding of the issues that were resolved.

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One on One Support + Coaching Program

We provide personal coaching to anyone who needs help responding to a high-conflict email, letter, verbal comment or other communication.  We will help you learn how to write responses, removing the emotion and ensuring it is child-focused, firm and directive to the issue.

Typically, one-on-one coaching sessions occur via telephone/email and email communications forwarded to us will be responded to within 24-72 hours.

High Conflict Strategies (New Ways for Families)

1. Pre-Mediation Coaching:  1 hour coaching and 1 workbook provided. Learn to implement strategies to ensure your mediation runs smoothly.

2.  Decision Skills Coaching:  1 hour coaching and 1 workbook provided.  Separation and divorce are times of change, creating stress and requiring numerous decisions.  By strengthening your decision-making skills, you can bring more stability to your own life and that of your children.

3.  Boundary Setting + Disengaging Skills:  Boundaries are essential in dealing with the other parent.  Setting and sustaining boundaries is a skill.  Having healthy boundaries means knowing and understanding what your limits are and, as important, ensuring the other parent knows what they are. Working with a coach will teach you to hone into your feelings and honour them.  

Disengaging from the other parent, allows you to not get "hooked" into the emotional triggers and to maintain a healthy emotional separation when the other parent "pushes your buttons".  Setting boundaries and disengaging takes courage, practice and support.

Let me help you.

4. Shuttle Mediation:  Sometimes it is difficult or inappropriate for parties in dispute to meet together in the same room for a "face to face" mediation.  "Shuttle" is a form of mediation where the mediator shares information between the parties and assists them to come to an agreement without the parties meeting in the same room.

5. Court Support: As a former caseflow coordinator and family court counsellor both at the Provincial Court and Court of Queen's Bench, I am armed with knowledge of the Rules of Court, Divorce Act, Family Law Act, and Practice Notes.  If you are representing yourself in the process, and the legal system and documentation is making your head spin, contact me.  I can help.

If you are in a high conflict co-parenting relationship, please contact us to schedule a confidential one-on-one educational consultation.  We can offer support and provide information and strategies on how to deal with general patterns of behaviour, problems to expect, and general approaches that may be considered in high-conflict disputes.  We will not provide legal or therapeutic advice about your case, but rather general strategies and approaches that often work well in high-conflict disputes.

Our consultations are not a legal service, legal advice, nor therapy service or advice.  You are always encouraged to seek ongoing consultation with legal professionals.

For further information on programs and fee schedule, complete the contact form.

Heidi is professional, brilliant and child focused. If you want a parenting plan mediated that truly follows *the best interest of your child*, Heidi is the mediator for you.

Family Court is a terrifying place but as soon as I hired Heidi to help me, not only did Family Court become less scary - my ex and I started working together as better parents.