Nothing is more important than keeping your kids free from conflict.


In some instances, a high level of conflict may continue for several years after separation and families experiencing high conflict may routinely find themselves in court to solve issues that should be relatively simple.

Our goal is to have parents focus on communicating with one another in a child-focused way, without blame, judgment, or other agendas. Modern parents should create effective parenting plans to keep conflict away from their children, so each parent can enjoy a healthy relationship with their child without interference.

Commit to make a change now and take that step to resolve your conflict in a meaningful and peaceful manner.



How does conflict impact your children?

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There's a few ways we can offer support. 

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Heidi attended family court with me and acted as a friend of the court (like a lawyer but a fraction of the cost), she helped me negotiate/mediate in the hallway before court and my ex and I were able to come up with full parenting plan which we then submitted to the judge together. I credit Heidi with helping reduce my stress and anxiety about attending court AND for helping my ex and I co-parent better.